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Change Destiny


Success with true predictions and remedies for all your problems through Scientific Astrology

Change your Destiny

Everybody wants to make his or hers life smooth and successful prosperous life, but it is not so easy. One has to face problems at every step. Its true that life is a mystery and nobody knows its origin and end or sources of joy and sorrow. Anxiety to know your favorable planets and nakshatra is always there. One continues with his and her’s hard work but progress is very slow or even never succeeds.

Affects of planets and nakshatras make you success and happy and evils planetary combination ot unfavorable stars make you sad and unsuccessful, belive it or not, it is our ancient science. Anxeiety to know this occult science is gaining momentum in modern times. This science including Astrology, Palmistry, Nemerology, Vastu, Fengshui existes in olden times.

As Oxford dictionary says- “Science is a systematic and formulated knowledge, concerning the relationship between causes and effects of a particular phenomenon”. Chamber’s dictionary say’s science is a theoretical and practical knowledge ascertained by observation and practical knowledge tested, systemetised and brought under general principles.

Our ancient astrology has also gone through this process. Our great Rishies, saints, astronomers and mathematicians have done great experiments and tests to ascertain the astrological knowledge and it has been brought under general principals. All results are determined by analyzing the events and causes of events.

Astrology and science both believes on events and causes of events. Both believes that cause of every event is determined through some natural power. Every event of universe causes another event. Every action has its reaction.All planets like- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune create radiation, gravitational power and magnetic effect on living beings. This is called cosmic effect. These cosmic forces and rays create personal electricity magnetic resonance and vibration in our body and our personality. After all we are the part of this universe. Astrology is a science guided by these divine cosmic rays. As such the basis of Astrological science is Astronomy, Astrology is predictve part of astronomy. It reveals the mysteries of infuence of celestial bodies. At the time of birth cosmic rays determine the planetry positions, fate (power to determine one’s future, success or failure) of that person. His or her destiny and fortune are guided by stars and nakshatra.

Why lunar effects cause mental illness or lunar effects and planetary position create genius person. why mentally ill person called lunatic. Even nature is guided by planets. Mango tree always gives mango not banana. Some planets and nakshatras are beneficial, create success, joy and good events, some are malefic they create failure or sorrow and even slow progress and accidents. Some malefic planets and nakshatras give failure and sorrow. We can’t belive that astrology is pure superstition. Science is also superstition. A scientist first imagines the ground water. Than they start to bore the pipe and found water. The doctor predicts the worms in stomach and then test are made to ascertain the facts. Thus infections are also predicted. Even a wrong diagnosis (prediction) have done, and the wrong medicine causes death. Science and astrolgy both analyze the managment of nature and mysteries of nature. Both have to perform duties towards the needs and the attitude of mankind. As such the basics of science of astrology is astronomy. Astrology is predictive part of astronomy. It reveals the mystries of the influence of celestial bodies.

Horoscopes of individuals are prepared as per the date and time of the birth, place of birth and the planetary positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune even lagna and rashi at that particular moment of that person. These are recorded in the birth chart on the basis of such horoscope and predictions are made relating to the past, present and future of both good and evil events. Evil plantary position create problems. All problems and sufferings are due to the planetary affections and the appropriate remedial measures can mitigate the sufferings. it is very important to diagnose the cause of the problem. Even remedies measures in astrology generally work at slow speed. Remedial measures work like the medicine, to wear a birth stone (it effects the cosmic rays observing by our bodies) of particular planet, give things in charity and to please god through yantra, mantra and tantra works faster than medicine. Their effects can be seen and felt.


Working hard but not satisfied with the job, not getting success in business, late marriage, kundli millan, lack of compatibility, problem in married life, divorce, not having your own child, anxiety, inability to remember, break in study, inability to concentrate, access anger, prolong illness, mental disorder, accidents, vastu dosh at your house, kala sharp yog, kemdrum yog, dasha of any evil planet including shani, rahu and Ketu.


  • Astrology-yantra, mantra and ratna (stones) jadi-butti.
  • Palmistry, numerology and other predictive scince.
  • Color therapy, eatables, flowers, leaves, perfumes.
  • Herbal and auryveda.
  • Stress managment.
  • Yoga, meditation, pranayam.
  • Acupressure.

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