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Acharya Kaushal

About Astro Uncle Acharya Bhushan Kaushal

Acharya Bhushan Kaushal is practicing professional astrology from the last fifteen years and is a renowned television astrologer from the last seven years.And attracted young generation and an expert in kundali reading born in a brahmin family, acharya kaushal has done high level professional courses in astrology and has learned astrology from the high level gurus. He is an internationally renowned astrologer, acharya kaushal has thousands of followers in india and all over the world – usa, uk, australia, dubai, canada, italy, germany, mauritius etc.

Believes In Changing Destiny By Scientific Astrology

Acharya bhushan kaushal believes that success with true predictions and remedies for problems of life through scientific astrology can change your destiny. Astrology and astronomy are inter linked and two sides of one coin planets and nakshatras have a direct relationship with the whole of nature, environment and the lives of all human beings and other creatures. By doing remedies of every planet , one can get success in life the invention of great theories of astrology invented by our great rishis, saints, astronomers and mathematicians.

History of working with popular television channels

Acharya Bhushan Kaushal has done successful daily regular astro shows for the past seven years on

  • Kal Aaj Aur Kal (Live India)
  • Famous Astro Uncle (Tez-Aaj Tak)
  • Shri News
  • Total TV
  • Special shows on Zee News, India News and Sahara Samay, TV100

Expert pandit of kaal sarp niwaran puja regurarly every year for last 15 years

Acharya Bhushan Kaushal got sidhi and an expert pandit for kaal sarp nivaran pooja from the last fifteen years and people from all over india and all across the world have come to attend the holy pooja at an ancient shiva temple along the banks of the river yamuna in delhi and had got relief from their problems, worries and sorrows and thousands of people have got their peaceful life and success.

Solution to Your Problems

Acharya Bhushan Kaushal provides scientific remedy for success in jobs , business , Marriage ,childless couples and Educational and career problems , prolonged and excess anger and illness , vastu Dosh and any problem related to Shani , rahu and ketu.

Remedies of children for thier studies

All kinds of astro remedies for behavioral problems, stress management during exams, education problems and upays for getting success in exams

Vaastu Correction

Principles of good vaastu is an attempt to create a harmony and a great success in life and harmony between the fine elements in the environment. Expert in residential and industrial vaastu correction without any renovation or reconstruction.


  • Scientific very easy, homely and inexpensive remedies (upay)
  • Expert of stone (ratn) remedy
  • Puja and mantras
  • Numerology and other predictive science
  • Color therapy, eatables, flowers, leaves, perfumes
  • Herbal and Ayurveda
  • Stress Management
  • Yoga and Meditation